February 26, 2018

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At Southern Stone Surfaces, all the work we deliver is custom to ensure we deliver the incredible granite or marble countertop that you expect. Our process ensures fast turnaround times, substantive cost savings, and the perfect fitting cut for your project.

We accomplish this through every step of our process:


Come in for a visit! Feel free to bring along samples of your cabinets, tile, and other helpful interior pieces that will help you select the perfect stone for your home. We understand that no two bathrooms or kitchens are alike, so our team will work with you firsthand to create a custom countertop that matches your needs. Our friendly and expert staff is here to answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you find the right stone for your project.



Next, we work with you to determine out the specific dimensions of your countertop or any other stone surface. If you have a layout or drawing with measurements, we can provide an estimate on the spot.

When it’s time to schedule a template, we utilize state of the art technology to cut the stone so that it fits seamlessly into your home. Our Digital Laser Templating, fully Automated CNC Waterjet Processing and Titan Stone Center technologies are among the most accurate and advanced in the industry, cutting stone so that it fits like a glove in your kitchen.

This saves time, money, and hassle while helping us ensure the fastest turnaround time possible for your project. Our customers in Nashville and the greater Middle Tennessee region are consistently thrilled with furnished custom countertops that create the dream home they’ve always wanted.

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